Reimagining Data Security For The Cloud

The multi-cloud data ecosystem is missing next-generation data security. Why?

Today’s data security tools were designed for on-premises IT systems and fail to address the needs of the modern cloud ecosystem. Identity is not just about humans, and data classification cannot be addressed as a silo in the infrastructure alone. Most importantly, a fragmented approach to cloud data security is highly inefficient for Security, Data, and IT leaders. We have validated there is a major gap in how the industry has approached data security, impacting organizations’ ability to stay secure, compliant, and deliver value to the business. That’s why we were inspired to build a first of its kind solution to secure data in the multi-cloud era.

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Modernize Cloud Data Security

The guiding principles that are driving our approach include “secure by design”, “context-aware”, “product-led mindset”, and “open APIs”. Cookie.AI is the only cloud data security platform that brings an identity-first approach to the modern data ecosystem. We can’t wait to show you what we have built!

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We are a globally-distributed team from the founding days of the company. Cookie.AI is searching for builders across Engineering, Product, Marketing, and Sales to join us on our journey in revolutionizing data security. We are a seasoned team of entrepreneurs, engineers, product managers, and marketers from world-class organizations.